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by Hedninger

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Awakening 02:54
As I walk through the snow my dreams come back to me flowing like Hvergelmir three winters cut like the axe tear from me my warmth and life death, is coming I write this story in the runes for all eternity the words of the gods take heed my fellow man for these events will come to pass soon all will fear I hear the screams of man and beast as loki boards his ship surtr comes from muspelheim to spread his fires throughout the nine destruction of the gods will come fighting in vain as my dream has told yggdrasil trembles at once as fenrir swallows the sun There can be no safety from this end the norns have woven fate the snows have fallen on the ground for three winters now I wait for the horn to blow to summon the gods from their halls the great battle of Ragnarok will soon come to pass I write these words in the runes to tell the story of my dreams etched in stone for all time for all midgard to see take heed my brothers of the gods for I have seen it with my eyes the serpent rises from the waves midgard will sink beneath the sea
I rise my hammer by my side i know my death is near it is written lightning strikes with each mighty blow the serpent lashes out venom courses Written in the runes my death is told how the mighty serpent conquered Thor I fall to my knees my blood coursing through my veins soon I'll die I lay mighty mjolnir down the symbol of my might it is done my rage and anger are no more in the runes of death my story told I crack the skies with my hammer lightning streaks across the sky the waves churn beneath my feet the midgard serpent with feel my wrath I swing mjolnir with all my might He will sink beneath the waves and I will die
the serpent rises from the waves the ocean roars the mountains quake venom pours from the sky the great battle will soon be nigh in the writhing depths jormungand rises up again to do battle with thor to bring the end to our world mjolnir's lightning courses through the sky venom from the serpent rains down, all will die Strangling the earth his body quivers with each breath lokis son, enemy of the hammer gnashing teeth will reign in my dreams forever midgard serpent, you foe of old rise from the depths, your fate is told meet your end with a hammer crushed skull your work is done here, return to the cold Loki's son, your story is written in the runes of mighty odin your venom has poisoned all life your rage and anger, bringer of Ragnarok
With watchful eyes gazing across the lands heimdall ponders the gods demise With a mighty breath his lips press against the mighty gjallarhorn resounds the sound of death I hear a mighty clashing I hear the raven cry I hear the crack of thunder under a burning sky The rainbow bridge cracks under the giants weight the sound of the horn blowing arise and meet your fate the sound of death heavy in the air as the giants march onward to Vigrid The Jotnar gather with an army of the dead Loki and his son bring the song of despair Yggdrasil trembles alfather rides his mighty warriors Gungnir by his side the clash of arms will soon begin as fenrir opens his mouth to start the end
Surtr 03:55
the fires growing still his sword of fire instills fear in the hearts of men there is no safety in the end from muspelheim he comes blazing sword weapon of choice to raze the world and sink below then die in turn his fate be told Surtr rain your fires down upon the world destroy midgard dies as it slowly burns the twilight of the gods has come to pass your fate is sealed as we burn to ash the vanir meets the flame without weapons he fights in vain for skirnir has his sword to slay Surtr's fire will burn Freyr's life away as the giant tramples the ground his fires spread throughout the nine vicious battle Freyr begins to fight fighting like a beast freyr takes... surtr's... eye in battle locked to death the vanir draws his dying breath consumed by fire and burned to ash his body gone his life has passed without his eye to see the giant falls down to his knees his fate is sealed as Norns have said the world will burn as Surtr... meets his death Ragnarok is coming surtr will come from muspelheim brandishing his flaming sword he will do battle with the god freyr and freyr will kill him are you ready for ragnarok
Fires, whip through the sky Blackened smoke floats through the air The sound of thunder fills my ears The crying screams of despair The end is now come for us all fires burn my soul, alas valhall my body burns my eyes now see the worlds burning beneath the tree The crumbling land sinks beneath the waves all life burns beneath surtr's fires ginnungagap will reign again only two escape this fate


released January 17, 2018


all rights reserved



Hedninger Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Hedninger is a Viking death metal and Nordic folk inspired band comprised of a single member, producer Cliff Beaver, and based out of the USA. The music is focused around Norse mythology and Viking lore as well as other topics such as Tolkien's Middle Earth (The Lord of the Rings).

Modern as well as traditional instruments are used to make the music.
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